Student Support Services

  1. BAC strives to provide a comprehensive student support services that meet the needs and expectations of the students.
  2. BAC has facilities and/or programmes to enrich the students’ educational experiences and develop them holistically so that they become socially responsible people. Such activities would include Moot Competitions, Court Visits, Career Forums, Skills Centric Forums, Social Outreach Activities, Sports & Recreational Activities.
  3. The school provides a variety of student support services to meet the needs of the students. These include:
    1. Student orientation programme by BAC staff.
    2. Medical insurance coverage for hospitalization and related medical treatment for the entire course duration for full-time students. (Exemption for Singaporean/PR students if they are already covered by their own medical insurance plan.)
    3. Student Assistance Support System (SASSY) for students who request for personal academic assistance from lecturers.
    4. Library facilities, lounge and study areas.
    5. Learning Management System via BAC Learn
    6. Access to LinkedIn Learning and Coursera
    7. Office365 account with dedicated personal email account for each student
    8. “Global Faculty” online sessions to expose students to diverse academic views
    9. Proprietary e-learning library “ABACUS”
    10. Moot competition
    11. Court visits
    12. Career Forums
    13. Skills Centric Forums
    14. Student Council Activities
    15. Sports & Recreational Activities
  4. BAC’s Medical insurance is a group coverage for hospitalisation and related medical treatment. Pertinent details are that the group coverage has:
    • An annual limit not less than S$20,000.00 per student
    • At least B2 ward coverage (in government and restructured hospitals)
    • Entitles a 24hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in school-related activities)
  5. BACs Student Orientation Session covers detailed information which includes, but which is not limited, to the following:
    1. Welcome Address
    2. Student Handbook – key information such as Academic Staff, Fee Protection Scheme, Refund Policy, Transfer policy, Withdrawal Policy, Usage of School facilities, Attendance Requirement, Expulsion/Suspension, Grievance and Dispute Resolution, Medical Insurance Coverage and Claims Process
    3. Details that students should take note about CPE
    4. Classes – Lectures & Tutorials
    5. Administrative Support
    6. Academic Support
    7. Where applicable, course specific information on exam registration or university registration
    8. Information on course progression assessment and general course content as applicable to the particular course that the students enroll into.
    9. Post qualification career guidance
    10. Course deferment
    11. Classification of Award
    12. Post qualification progression
    13. Student Activities
  6. * Where applicable BAC shall incorporate into the Orientation Programme for STP Holders, information on assistance to international students to help them to adapt to the local environment or seek other support services. For example, general or specialist health services (physiological, dental, mental), drug/alcohol abuse education, problem gambling, sexuality education, advice or services on accommodation options for international students.
  7. BAC’s commitment to provide professional, personalised and holistic care for students is achieved through involving the students in activities outside the formal curriculum. These include:
    1. Moot competitions – The Annual Moot competition is compulsory for all full-time students and optional for part-time students on the Bachelor of Laws and Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law programmes. This competition is intended to encourage the development of debating and presentation skills tailor-made to the argumentative presentation of legal issues which would be essential to a student’s character building in preparation for the work environment.
    2. Court visits – Encouraged purely on a voluntary basis, students are given an opportunity to make a visit to the High Court, Court of Appeal or State Courts to witness trials or Appellate hearings.
    3. Community engagement – BAC aims to organise at least one community outreach activity every year in the form of games and entertainment activities for old folks’ homes, disabled kids or orphanages
    4. Student council activities – The BAC student council manages social activities for the student body in the School. These social activities are inclusive but not limited to organising Career Forums, Skills Based Forums and student gatherings.
    5. Online Courses – facilitating self-directed learning by providing students with access to LinkedIn Learning and Coursera. All BAC students are given access to a wide range of courses outside the scope of the curriculum. It is intended to provide an avenue for skills development for students on their own accord.