Certificate of
Higher Education in Common Law


Here's the BIG Picture

This course aims to prepare you for the demands of undergraduate programmes by imbuing knowledge and understanding of the basic tenets of Law while encouraging the development of analytical and independent thinking skills.

The CertHE Common Law emphasises practical experiences whilst enabling you to build on your existing skills through interactive and student- centric approaches to learning. You will benefit from a holistic and hands-on methodology through discussions, exploration and evaluation of issues, in addition to developing presentation skills.

With this Course You Will:

  • Develop the ability to identify and understand key concepts in substantive law, legal theory and procedures of domestic and international law.
  • Identify and understand the impact of economic, cultural and political changes on the law.
  • Explore the significant role of the law in improving social and economic conditions in modern societies.
  • Apply knowledge and critical thinking skills to perform legal analysis, reasoning and problem solving competently, and learn to collaborate in a variety of legal settings and contexts.

Why Choose BAC College (Singapore)?

Established in 1996, BAC College Singapore (formerly known as ITC School of Laws) offers a wide range of pre-university, and articulation to degree programmes. We provide our students a great educational experience, along with graduate recognition and mobility. Well known for our innovative teaching methods, we offer students an exceptional educational journey, with the choice to graduate from over 25 UK universities that are affiliated to the BAC Education Group.

You will also benefit from our Student-Teacher Ratio.

  • Lectures: 1 to 100
  • Tutorials: 1-50

In line with our mission of providing quality education that meets international standards, we are consistently lauded for our excellence in the field. We have received consecutive awards of the prestigious 4-year Edutrust, and voted the Gold standard for the JobsCentral Learning TED Awards in 2017.

How Do I Get In?

  • 18 years and above with 3 GCE ‘O’ Level credits AND
  • Pass the University of London Proficiency Test
  • Satisfy English requirements with at least GCE ‘O’ Level credit or IELTS 5.5 or equivalent
  • Other qualifications and/or work experience to be considered on a case-by-case basis

Language Proficiency

  • Pass ITC English Placement Test; or
  • IELTS 5.5 or equivalent

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Legal Systems & Methods

To achieve an overview of the central institutions and processes of legal systems and to introduce students to techniques of legal interpretation and legal research.

Contract Law

This module will give you an overview of Contract Law and prepares you to negotiate and draft basic contracts in the commercial world. You will discuss the concepts and philosophies that have evolved in the study of Contract, understand Contract case law and the importance of the issues in a case and how the court resolved it, learn how to apply case law to a given issue, and how to interpret a statute and the interrelationship between the statute and the relevant common law, amongst others.

Criminal Law

You will have in-depth understanding of the substantive principles governing a variety of offences and defences of the English criminal law, and will be to introduced to techniques of legal interpretation and legal research in the study of the variety of case law and statutory provisions governing the criminal law.

Public Law

This module will give you an understanding of Constitutional and Administrative Law, the checks and balances to ensure a clean and transparent government. You will study English Public Law and its relevance to British Politics, drawing similarities to the principles of Public Law in Commonwealth jurisdictions.

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

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