Building Awesome Competencies

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The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.

- Brian Herbert 

The explosion of knowledge on the internet, the easy accessibility of this knowledge and the sheer power we can harness from the exponential growth of knowledge is limitless. Whole economies and infrastructures have been built on knowledge. And the process of acquiring this knowledge has impacted how the world now learns. 

Learning and knowledge are partners. Our students learn best and excel as job ready graduates when we provide the widest and most innovative pathways for them to acquire knowledge. Our first pillar “Learn” opens a world of innovative initiatives that will help students prepare for the workplace with knowledge and skills that will be required in the future. These initiatives will transform our students into relevant, future-ready graduates. 

Your quest for education has led you to achieve your current highest education certificate. Your certificate demonstrates that you have acquired facts, skills and knowledge. So, it is imperative that when you join any one of our colleges, the way you learn is revolutionised and the knowledge and skills you acquire will truly ensure your relevance and prepare you for the future demands of your careers. 

To produce future-proof global graduates, we have embedded the following into our DNA. Every student under the BAC Education Group has access to these world-leading learning innovations: 

1. World Class Qualifications

We, at BAC Education Group, deliver world-class education through an amazing choice of certificate, pre-u, diploma, degree, postgraduate and professional programmes from top universities in the UK and from around the world. As a Global Graduate you can choose to spend a year, or two, of your degree programme at our partner universities, or graduate right here in Singapore.

Every aspiring student can select a course that best suits them from any one of these learning areas: 
- Law 
- Media & Communication 
- Business 
- Entrepreneurship 
- Hospitality Management 
- Digital Transformation 

We have longstanding global and strategic partnerships with over 30 prestigious universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and you are guaranteed a life-changing experience, no matter which university you choose.

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2. Global Law Faculty 

The Global Faculty is a distinguished faculty of subject matter experts from the best British universities. Their masterclasses, supplement and enrich our students’ learning experience. 

Among the leading academics of our Global Law Faculty are: 

- Ewan McKendrick
Professor of English Private Law, University of Oxford
- Martin Dixon
Professor of Real Property Law, University of Cambridge
- Professor James Penner University of London (UOL) Programme 

- Gianni Vuolo
Lecturer (UOL), Queen Mary College

- Dr. Tracey Elliot
Lecturer in Healthcare Law, University of Leicester 

- James Penner
Professor of Property Law, National University of Singapore 

and many more! 
The Global Law Faculty is a BAC initiative like none that has ever been done by any educational institution. One of the main objectives of this initiative is to provide the benefit of diverse perspectives. 

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3. Learn Anytime, Anywhere 

We have put the power to learn back in the hands of our students. 
As a student, you will be empowered to learn from anywhere, anytime through the digital delivery platforms available to you: 

With BAC Learn, our state-of-the-art Learning Management System, you can learn anytime, anywhere and have unlimited access to an extensive library of pre-recorded in-class lessons and more.
Through ABACUS, our digital resource library, you have 24/7 access to over 100,000 videos and an immense collection of e-books, journals and essential resources. This all-new ABACUS Digital Library has a powerful search engine that helps you discover the wealth of knowledge that is available in its repository of resources. 
This ABACUS digital library brings our students research, reference and resource materials from the best digital sources and partners: 

- ProQuest offers a collection that now encompasses 90,000 authoritative sources. 

- Emerald Insight provides publications in social science and interdisciplinary research. 

- CLJ Law provides online legal database service for our Law students. 

- Westlaw Asia provides access to multiple products across different countries with a single search. 

- Lexis Advance is an innovative online research platform that allows today’s legal professionals to access trusted research. 

- VitalSource provides f digital course materials in higher education consisting of Pearson & Cengage Digital books. 

- Open Access Sources offers leading open-source access databases quick reference. 

- BAC Physical Library- a physical library with an extensive collection of reference materials, law books, statutes, and regulations. 

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4. Coursera for Campus 

The BAC Education Group is the first in the region to partner with Coursera, the leading global online learning platform to offer full-scale blended learning. 

Through Coursera for Campus, students and faculty will gain free access to more than 4,600 job-relevant courses across digital marketing, project management, cloud computing, data science, blockchain, computer science, and AI. On completion of these short courses, students receive micro-credentials from the world’s best universities, such as Yale University, Macquarie University, Johns Hopkins University, Duke University and leading tech giants like Google and IBM. 

These micro-credentials from world-class institutions will provide a clear example of what you know and what you can get done, above and beyond your course! 

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5. LinkedIn Learning

The BAC Education Group is the first and only education group in Singapore to offer LinkedIn Learning for all current students for free. This means students have access to over 17,000 courses presented in easy-to-follow videos.

These videos cover new skills and knowledge in areas like digital media & communication, leadership, management, digital transformation, education, marketing, branding and much more. They are designed to support our students at different stages of their journey and boost employability upon graduation. 

Once they have completed the video lesson, they receive a certification via a listing of their enhanced skills and knowledge on their LinkedIn account. 

LinkedIn Learning is a platform, for both students and staff, to embrace a culture of adaptation via self-directed learning and knowledge enhancement. This is a crucial success factor needed to excel in this new world of work. 

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6. World-Class Certifications 

To provide students with a learning experience which is i4.0 Revolution ready, the BAC Education Group has entered into partnerships with some of the world's foremost Technology & Education Leaders. 

Our students now have the opportunity to enhance their skills with various tech-based certification programmes. Members of this partnership include: 

BAC Education partners with Microsoft to provide the BAC faculty and students access to office 365. Single Sign-On (SSO) log in credentials enables a seamless login experience. The SSO log in allows access to Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, MS Project, and Forms. 
In line with providing full accessibility to on-demand learning, students now have virtual face-to-face live-lectures, tutorials and practical and break-out sessions using Microsoft Teams. 
Microsoft Imagine Academy (MIA) 
In this tech-skills based initiative by Microsoft, our partnership with MIA gives students the chance to upskill and reskill for the i4.0 revolution with certification courses such as Technoprenuership, Coding Programs, Machine Learning and Data Science to name a few. 
AWS Academy 
The BAC Education Group also partners with AWS Academy, an offshoot of Amazon Web Services, to provide lecturers and students with access to various cloud-based certifications. These include Foundation and Associate level Certificates as Cloud Practitioner, AWS Solution Architect, and Cloud Developer, leading to Professional Certification such as Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Security. 

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7. BACked4Life 

Even after graduation, we support your learning through BACked4Life. You can call on lifelong learning initiatives that help you stay connected and networked globally with your friends, teachers, and fellow alumni. 

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The “Learn” pillar offers our students enhanced digital learning opportunities, over and above the prescribed syllabus of their chosen programmes. This stems from our commitment to enriching the learning experience with future proof knowledge and iR4.0 skills enhancement. This will ensure that each and every one of our students will then be equipped to become relevant, future-ready global graduates.