3 Ways To
Pick Up Coding

turned on gray laptop computer

Coding, an essential to the internet infrastructure, has long been perceived as something only used by hackers and web developers.

These days however, the benefits of coding knowledge is a widespread phenomena, and many are picking up coding to both diversify their portfolio and develop a useful skill set!

Interested in learning how to code? There are a few tricks you can use- let us show you how!

macbook pro on black wooden table
monitor showing Java programming

1. Download A Code Editor

A code editor is a text editor designed for individuals to write their code. It recognises any language and is a fundamental tool for programmers.

This allows you to practice writing your own code. You can even download someone else’s code and tweak it, learning as you go. How? The code editor helps you assess the mistakes that have been made, giving you the chance to correct them.

2. Learn Online

There are plenty of both free and paid courses available on the Internet. You can try the free courses first and once you have found your footing in coding, you can then proceed to give the paid courses a try.

Another option to consider is to check out courses available on professional development sites (think LinkedIn or Coursera) and gain a proper understanding of principles involved to program, code, build websites, and develop apps. 

person using macbook pro on black table
silver iMac near iPhone on brown wooden table

3. Networking

Community is everything when it comes to learning new things!

When you network, you get to meet people in the industry and ask them anything you want to know about being a developer. Aside from making new friends, you could even get yourself a mentor. Be sure to check out the groups on Facebook to find a Developer meet-up within your area, or even online.